Best Places To Eat Out In Tokyo

Visiting Tokyo in 2019 and want to know the best places to eat out? If you’re a food lover and want to try the incredible foods Tokyo here are our top picks:

Robot Restaurant

Robot Restaurant is a cool place to hang out on. With its flashy neon lights and a robot show while dining, what else can you ask for? This restaurant totally stands out among all the other restaurants you will find on earth. It is located in Shinjuku area, which is the biggest red light district in Tokyo. When you choose to eat in Robot Restaurant, better book your reservations in advance and you may even get a discount too.

Owl Café

This café is the first of its kind just like Robot Restaurant, although in this café you will mostly be interacting with owls and not robots. It is actually rare to see owls in real life, but in Owl Café, you will not just see them, but you can even touch them. You can take pictures together and share precious moments of your stay with the owls in the café located in the heart of Tokyo.

Izakaya Alleys

If you want a unique booze experience, visit Izakaya alleys (Yokocho). Izakaya is mostly popular among salaryman and locals to spend in right after work. The alleys are old fashioned, smokey narrow clammed together by small Izakaya. Some of Izakaya is very tiny with just a couple of seats. Try one of these Japanese style bars/gastropubs where you will be served with a glass of Sake and authentic Japanese snacks.